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Dolibarr install or upgrade

Database Prerequisites check:

Ok PHP Version 5.6.40 (More information)
Ok This PHP supports variables POST and GET.
Ok This PHP supports sessions.
Ok This PHP supports GD graphical functions.
Ok This PHP supports Curl.
Ok This PHP supports UTF8 functions.
Ok This PHP supports Intl functions.
Ok Your PHP max session memory is set to 256M. This should be enough.
Ok Configuration file htdocs/conf/conf.php exists.
Ok Configuration file htdocs/conf/conf.php is writable.

Just follow the instructions step by step. Choose your setup mode and click "Start"...
Fresh installUse this mode if this is your first install. If not, this mode can repair a incomplete previous install. If you want to upgrade your version, choose "Upgrade" mode.
Install choice suggested by installer.

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